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Learn English through Chinese by listening to voice recording in American accent.


这是我的书。 This is my book
这些是我的书。 These are my books
这是他的包。 This is his bag
这是她的包。 This is her bag
这是玛丽的笔。 This is Mary’s pen
这是一只鹦鹉。 It is a parrot
它是绿色的。 It is green
这是他们的鹦鹉。 It is their parrot
这是海伦的鹦鹉。 It is Helen’s parrot
安是学生。 Ann is a student
有什么事正在发生。 Something is happening
什么都没有发生。 Nothing is happening
一个人可以去。 One person can go
没有人可以去。 No one can go
一切都在进行。 All are going
有的要去。 Some are going
每个人都可以去。 Each one may go
每个人都可以去。 Everyone may go
你叫什么名字? What is your name
我叫桑迪普。 My name is Sandeep
我是学生。 I am a student
他很高兴。 He is very happy
他们高兴。 They are happy
我坐公共汽车去学校。 I go to school by bus
我不是约翰。 I am not John
我认识约翰。 I know John
我希望你喜欢它。 I hope you like it
他拿走了一半。 He took half of it
我尊重我的老师。 I respect my teachers
我没有钱。 I don’t have money
我希望我有一个大房子。 I wish I had a big house
我同意买这辆车。 I agree to buy this car
谢谢你。 Thank you
你去过喀拉拉邦吗? Have you been to Kerala?
你能告诉我关于喀拉拉邦的事吗? Can you tell me about Kerala?
你喜欢喀拉拉邦的旅行吗? Did you like the trip to Kerala?
一年后我回到了这里。 I have come back here after an year.
你从这里去了哪里? Where did you go from here?
首先我去了孟买。 First I went to Mumbai
然后我去了特里凡得琅。 Then I went to Trivandrum
你在孟买做了什么? What did you do in Mumbai?
你在孟买住在哪里? Where did you stay in Mumbai?
我住在安泰里。 I stayed in Andheri
你吃午饭了吗? Have you had lunch?
你会给我一支笔吗? Will you give me a pen?
你能给我一支笔吗? Can you give me a pen?
你给过我一支笔吗? Have you given me a pen?
你给了我一支笔吗? Did you give me a pen?
我喜欢芒果。 I like mango
我不喜欢芒果。 I don’t like mango
我喜欢吃芒果。 I love to eat mango
你要租这房子吗? Are you getting rent for this house?
我有这个月的房租。 I have got rent for this month
你在等哪辆巴士? Which bus are you waiting for?
是同一本书吗? Is it the same book?
请等我回来。 Please wait till I come back
乔治在哪里? Where is George?
他去了高知。 He has gone to Kochi
乔治过得怎么样? How is George
他很好。 He is well.
乔治怎么了? What happed to George?
你需要多少水? How much water do you need?
我吃过一个芒果。 I have eaten a mango
拉姆吃了一个芒果。 Ramu has eaten a mango
拉姆吃了一个芒果。 Ramu had eaten a mango
拉姆一直在吃芒果。 Ramu has been eating a mango
拉姆一直在吃芒果。 Ramu had been eating a mango
拉姆正在吃芒果。 Ramu was eating a mango
拉姆会吃一个芒果。 Ramu will eat a mango
拉姆会吃芒果。 Ramu will be eating a mango
你好吗? How are you?
我没事。 I am fine
你能坐在那里吗? Can you please sit there?
你在找哪本书? Which book are you looking for?
学校在哪儿? Where is the school?
它不是很远。 It is not very far
你能左转吗? Can you turn left?
你会右转吗? Will you turn right?
你必须直走。 You have to go straight.
我买了这本书。 I bought this book
你以后会回来吗? Will you come back later?
乔治喜欢花。 George likes flowers
我要去德国。 I am going to Germany.
我不打算种地,因为我生病了。 I am not going to farm because I am ill.
他们将在晚上到达这里。 They will reach here in the evening.
他正在读故事。 He is reading the story.
这是他的书。 This is his book.
你早上起得很早吗? Do you get up early in the morning?
现在是几奌? What time is it?
你从哪来? Where are you from?
你住在哪里? Where do you live?
你能帮助我吗? Can you help me?
我可以帮你吗? Can I help you?
它要多少钱? How much does it cost?
你明白吗? Do you understand?
你能再说一遍吗? Can you say that again?
你可以讲慢点吗? Can you speak slowly
我在哪里可以找到酒店? Where can I find a hotel?
是的 Yes
也许 Maybe
总是 Always
绝不 Never
当然 Of course
没问题。 No problem
我不明白。 I don’t understand.
我不知道。 I don’t know.
对不起,我不会说法语。 I’m sorry, I don’t speak French.
我迷路了。 I’m lost
我的法语不好。 My French is bad.
我需要一张去纽约的票。 I need a ticket to New York
我要一张票。 I want a ticket
回头见。 See you later.
明天见。 See you tomorrow.
怎么了? What’s the matter
发生了什么? What’s happening?
我饿了。 I’m hungry
我口渴。 I’m thirsty.
我有一张票。 I have a ticket.
我忘了。 I forgot.
恭喜。 Congratulations
我现在必须走了。 I must go now.
我们走吧。 Let’s go
很好。 Very good
好的 Good
坏的 Bad
不错。 Not bad
我得走了。 I have to go.
我住在德里 I live in Delhi
我今年 40 岁。 I am 40 years old.
对不起。 I’m sorry.
猫在哪里? Where is the cat?
猫在哪里? Where are the cats ?
这里是猫。 Here is the cat.
这里是猫。 Here are the cats.
它在那里。 There it is.
有一棵树。 There is a tree.
有树。 There are trees.
有一棵树。 There was a tree.
有树。 There were trees.
用法语怎么说? How do you say it in French?
那是什么? What is that?
没关系。 It doesn’t matter.
我累了。 I’m tired
我病了。 I’m sick
我饿了。 I’m hungry
我口渴。 I’m thirsty
我不在乎。 I don’t care.
不用担心。 Don’t worry!
没关系。 It’s alright.
恭喜。 Congratulations!
我爱你。 I love you.
什么是新的? What’s new?
不多。 Not much.
你好吗? How are you?
你叫什么名字? What’s your name ?
你们几点开门? What time do you open?
这是我的书。 Here is my book.
明天可以寄吗? Could you send it tomorrow?
公共汽车什么时候到? When will the bus arrive?
你有小个一点的吗? Do you have a smaller one?
你有更大的吗? Do you have a bigger one?
你能打电话给他吗? Could you please call him?
你能帮我搬箱子吗? Could you help me carry my box?
这些是我的包。 These are my bags.
请关上窗户。 Please close the window.
请停在这里。 Please stop here.
为什么这么多? Why is it so much?
我来自德国。 I am from Germany.
房间多少钱? How much is the room?
你今年多大? How old are you ?
我今年 25 岁。 I’m 25 years old.
是的,我会说一点。 Yes, I speak a bit.
不,我不会说法语。 No, I don’t speak French.
你好吗? How do you do ?
我很好,谢谢你。 I’m fine, thank you.
回头见。 See you later
这是什么意思? What does it mean?
我来自德国。 I’m from Germany
请给我一支笔。 Please give me a pen
谢谢你。 Thank you
打扰一下。 Excuse me
就一分钟。 Just one minute
去孟买的票多少钱? How much is a ticket to Mumbai?
这列火车开往哪里? Where does this train go?
这辆公共汽车在孟买停吗? Does this bus stop in Mumbai?
去孟买的巴士什么时候出发? When does the bus for Mumbai leave?
这辆公共汽车什么时候到达孟买? When will this bus arrive in Mumbai?
我怎么去孟买? How do I get to Mumbai ?
你能告诉我去孟买的路吗? Can you tell me the way to Mumbai?
转左。 Turn left.
右转。 Turn right.
照直走。 straight ahead
你们有空房吗? Do you have any rooms available?
我可以去厨房看看吗? Can I look in the kitchen?
我可以喝点水吗? May I have some water?
请再来一份。 One more, please.
你愿意收下这个房间吗? Would you take this room?
我没兴趣。 I’m not interested.
好的,我会接受的。 OK, I’ll take it.
我可以有一个包吗? Can I have a bag?
我可以使用你的手机吗? Can I use your phone?
你做什么工作? What is your job?
孟买有多远? How far is Mumbai?
你能把这个写下来吗? Could you write this down?
这是什么? What is this?
你有更便宜的东西吗? Do you have anything cheaper?
你喜欢喝茶吗? Do you like tea?
最好的书是哪本书? Which is the best book?
我不喜欢猫。 I don’t like cats.
我想去德里。 I’d like to go to Delhi
请再慢一点。 More slowly, please
你在做什么? What are you doing?
你会说英语吗? Do you speak English?
这里有人会说英语吗? Is there someone here who speaks English?
我说印地语。 I speak Hindi
我不会说印地语。 I don’t speak Hindi.
我不会说印地语。 I can’t speak Hindi
我会说一些印地语。 I speak some Hindi.
我不明白。 I don’t understand.
说慢一点。 Speak more slowly
再来。 Come again.

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