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Liber meus est.This is my book.
Libri mei sunt.These are my books.
Sacculum eius est.This is his bag.
Sacculum eius est.This is her bag.
Calamus Mariae est.This is Mary’s pen.
Psittacus est.It is a parrot.
Is viridis est.It is green.
Psittacus eorum est.It is their parrot.
Psittacus Helenae est.It is Helen’s parrot.
Ann est discipulus.Ann is a student.
Didici me Sylheti.I learned Sylheti myself.
Sylheti didi- cimus.We learned Sylheti ourselves.
Sylheti ipse didicit.He learned Sylheti himself.
Ipsa Sylheti didicit.She learned Sylheti herself.
Sylheti ipsi didicerunt.They learned Sylheti themselves.
Aliquid, eveniet.Something is happening.
Nihil eveniunt.Nothing is happening.
Unus homo potest exire.One person can go.
Nemo potest exire.No one can go.
Imus omnes.All are going.
Alii eunt.Some are going.
Quisque id tortor enim.Each one may go.
Quisque potest.Everyone may go.
Quod nomen tibi est?What is your name?
Nomen mihi Sandeep est.My name is Sandeep.
Discipulus sum.I am a student.
Sit amet ipsum.He is very happy.
Hi beati sunt.They are happy.
Ad scholam a me bus.I go to school by bus.
non sum iohannes.I am not John.
Novi iohannem.I know John.
Spero tibi placet.I hope you like it.
dimidium eius cepit.He took half of it.
Observabo magistros meos.I respect my teachers.
Pecuniam non habeo.I don’t have money.
Utinam magnas haberet aedes.I wish I had a big house.
Hoc raedam emere assentior.I agree to buy this car.
Gratias tibi.Thank you.
Venisne ad Kerala?Have you been to Kerala?
Potesne mihi dicere de Kerala?Can you tell me about Kerala?
Nonne tibi placet iter ad Kerala?Did you like the trip to Kerala?
Huc post annum redii.I have come back here after an year.
Unde hinc abis?Where did you go from here?
Primum veni ad Mumbai.First I went to Mumbai.
Inde Trivandrum adii.Then I went to Trivandrum.
Quid facis in Mumbai?What did you do in Mumbai?
Ubi habitas in Mumbai?Where did you stay in Mumbai?
Mansi apud Andheri.I stayed in Andheri.
Prandium habuistis?Have you had lunch?
Dabis mihi calamum?Will you give me a pen?
Potesne mihi calamum dare?Can you give me a pen?
Num mihi calamum dedisti?Have you given me a pen?
Nonne calamum mihi dedisti?Did you give me a pen?
Ego quasi mango.I like mango.
Mango non placet.I don’t like mango.
Mango manducare amo.I love to eat mango.
Tu questus es huic domui redditum?Are you getting rent for this house?
Hoc mense mihi redditum habeo.I have got rent for this month.
Quod bus exspectas?Which bus are you waiting for?
Num idem liber est?Is it the same book?
Obsecro te exspectare dum redeo.Please wait till I come back.
Ubi est Georgius?Where is George?
Discessit Kochi.He has gone to Kochi.
Quomodo Georgius?How is George?
Valet.He is well.
Quid Georgius?What happed to George?
Quam multa aqua tibi opus est?How much water do you need?
comedi mango.I have eaten a mango.
Ramu comedit mango.Ramu has eaten a mango.
Ramu comederat mango.Ramu had eaten a mango.
Ramu mango manducavit.Ramu has been eating a mango.
Ramu fuerat mango manducans.Ramu had been eating a mango.
Ramu mango manducabat.Ramu was eating a mango.
Ramu mango comedet.Ramu will eat a mango.
Ramu mango manducabit.Ramu will be eating a mango.
Quid agis?How are you?
Bene sum.I am fine.
Placetne illic sedere?Can you please sit there?
Quem librum quaeris?Which book are you looking for?
Ubi est schola?Where is the school?
Donec non ipsum est.It is not very far.
Potesne turn reliquit?Can you turn left?
Tu dextram?Will you turn right?
Tu recta eundum est.You have to go straight.
Librum hunc emi.I bought this book.
Veniesne postea?Will you come back later?
Georgius flores amat.George likes flowers.
Vado in Germaniam.I am going to Germany.
Villam non facturus sum, quia aegrotus sum.I am not going to farm because I am ill.
Venient huc vesperi.They will reach here in the evening.
Fabulam legit.He is reading the story.
Hic est liber eius.This is his book.
Mane surgere?Do you get up early in the morning?
Quid temporem est?What time is it?
Unde venistis?Where are you from?
Ubi habitas?Where do you live?
Potesne me iuvare?Can you help me?
Possumne te adiuvare?Can I help you?
Quanti constat?How much does it cost?
Intellegisne?Do you understand?
Iterum dicere potes?Can you say that again?
Potesne loqui lente?Can you speak slowly?
Ubi possum invenire deversorium?Where can I find a hotel?
ScilicetOf course
Non forsit.No problem.
Non intellego.I don’t understand.
Nescio.I don’t know.
Paenitet, Gallice non loquor.I’m sorry, I don’t speak French.
Perii.I’m lost.
Meus Gallicus malus est.My French is bad.
tessera mihi New York.I need a ticket to New York.
tesseram volo.I want a ticket.
Te visurum.See you later.
Cras te videre.See you tomorrow.
Quid rei est?What’s the matter?
Quid fit?What’s happening?
Esurio.I’m hungry.
Sitio.I’m thirsty.
Tesseram habeo.I have a ticket.
Ego oblitus.I forgot.
I nunc eundum.I must go now.
Abeamus.Let’s go.
Optime.Very good.
Non malus.Not bad.
Exire debeo.I have to go.
Vivo in DelhiI live in Delhi
Ego sum 40 annos natus.I am 40 years old.
Doleo.I’m sorry.
Ubi est cattus?Where is the cat?
Ubi sunt feles?Where are the cats?
Hic felis est.Here is the cat.
Hic sunt feles.Here are the cats.
Ibi est.There it is.
Arbor est.There is a tree.
Arbores sunt.There are trees.
Arbor erat.There was a tree.
Arbores erant.There were trees.
Quomodo hoc Gallice dicis?How do you say it in French?
Quid est?What is that?
Nihil refert.It doesn’t matter.
Fessus sum.I’m tired.
aeger sum.I’m sick.
Esurio.I’m hungry.
Sitio.I’m thirsty.
Non curo.I don’t care.
Nolite ergo solliciti esse.Don’t worry.
Bene est.It’s alright.
Te amo.I love you.
Quid novi?What’s new?
Non multum.Not much.
Quid agis?How are you?
Quid tibi nomen est?What’s your name?
Quid nunc aperis?What time do you open?
Hic liber meus est.Here is my book.
Cras mittes?Could you send it tomorrow?
Quando bus perveniet?When will the bus arrive?
Habesne minorem?Do you have a smaller one?
Maiorem habes?Do you have a bigger one?
Placet dicere eum?Could you please call him?
Potuistine me iuvare capsam meam portare?Could you help me carry my box?
Sacculi mei sunt.These are my bags.
Quaeso claudere fenestram.Please close the window.
Obsecro, siste hic.Please stop here.
Cur tantum?Why is it so much?
Ex Germania sum.I am from Germany.
Quantum est locus?How much is the room?
Quot annos nata es?How old are you?
XXV annos natus sum.I’m 25 years old.
Imo paulum loquor.Yes, I speak a bit.
Imo Gallice non loquor.No, I don’t speak French.
Quid agis?How do you do?
Valeo, gratias tibi.I’m fine, thank you.
Te visurum.See you later.
Quid est hoc?What does it mean?
Ex Germania sum.I’m from Germany.
Da mihi calamum.Please give me a pen.
Gratias tibi.Thank you.
Ignosce.Excuse me.
Justo uno momento.Just one minute.
Quantum est tessera ad Mumbai?How much is a ticket to Mumbai?
Quo haec agmine ibimus?Where does this train go?
Hoc bus subsisto in Mumbai?Does this bus stop in Mumbai?
Cum enim Mumbai bus ad relinquo?When does the bus for Mumbai leave?
Quando hoc bus Mumbai perveniant?When will this bus arrive in Mumbai?
Quomodo ad Mumbai?How do I get to Mumbai?
Mumbai potes indicare mihi viam?Can you tell me the way to Mumbai?
Turn reliquit.Turn left.
Dextram.Turn right.
directum.straight ahead.
Habesne mansiunculas praesto?Do you have any rooms available?
In culina possum quaerere?Can I look in the kitchen?
Sit mihi aquam?May I have some water?
Unum, quaeso.One more, please.
Sumisne hoc cubiculum?Would you take this room?
Im ‘non interested.I’m not interested.
OK, capiam.OK, I’ll take it.
Possum sacculum habere?Can I have a bag?
Potest te uti telephono?Can I use your phone?
Quid est officium tuum?What is your job?
Quam longe est Mumbai?How far is Mumbai?
Hoc scribere potuisti?Could you write this down?
Quid hoc est?What is this?
Habesne quicquam vilius?Do you have anything cheaper?
Tea amo?Do you like tea?
Uter est liber optimus?Which is the best book?
Non amo feles.I don’t like cats.
Delhi ire libet.I’d like to go to Delhi.
Tardius, quaeso.More slowly, please.
Quid agitis?What are you doing?
Loquerisne Anglice?Do you speak English?
Estne hic aliquis qui Latine loquitur?Is there someone here who speaks English?
Indica loquor.I speak Hindi.
Indica non loquor.I don’t speak Hindi.
Indica loqui non possum.I can’t speak Hindi.
De Indica loquor.I speak some Hindi.
Non intelligo.I don’t understand.
Lentius loquere.Speak more slowly.
Veni iterum.Come again.

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